Free Football Tournament Manager

Spectator view of football pitch inside roof covered football stadium

Kwiki (/ˈkwɪki/) helps you organize your football tournament as easy as 1, 2, 3! Just choose tournament type, number of teams and update the score for each game and Kwiki does the rest entirely for free.

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Close-up of many soccer players kicking a football on a pitch

Take your pickup soccer group to the next level, organize your games into a tournament. Keep track of scores and current standings, which team wins the cup?

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Close up of ball and legs of two futsal players in movement

Impress your colleagues by organizing the company futsal cup using Kwiki. Share the tournament public page with everyone in the company and let the captains of each team update scoring on the admin page.

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Football player dribbling the ball on a packed stadium

Generate your round robin tournament schedule like a breeze! Just choose the number of teams and you are ready to go! Kwiki helps you keep score and instantly updates the standing table on every goal.

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Football player tunneling his opponent

Automatically create brackets for a super exiting football knockout tournament. No need for pen and paper or home made Google sheets.

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Football player on beach in sunset getting ready for a bicycle kick

Get your friends together and organize a beach football tournament in a matter of seconds. Why not as a two stage group and knockout tournament?

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